Our portable pulse oximeters monitor your blood oxygen levels as well as your heart rate.

Your blood oxygen levels indicate the quantity of oxygen your blood carries throughout your body.

Your heart rate indicates the rate at which your heart pumps blood throughout your body.

Low Blood Oxygen levels can be indicative of respiratory or heart disease. 


The NIMTech pulse oximeter provides noninvasive spot check measurements of oxygen blood levels and pulse rates. Made with a slip resisting grip and easy to read LED display


How to use:


Place your finger inside and hold still. Within seconds our LED screen will indicate your blood oxygen level and heart rate.

Normal oxygen readings range from around 95 to 98 percent, while individuals with existing health conditions may have a lower than normal reading. If your reading drops below 92 please contact a physician.


A normal resting heart rate for adults should ranges from about 60 to 100 bpm (beats per minute)


Product Features


• Offers instant real-time spot checks

• Easy to operate and read

• Large LED Display with clear high definition display

• Lightweight

NIMTech Pulse Oximeter

$39.99 Regular Price
$34.99Sale Price


    NIMTech consists of a close knit team of recently graduated professionals who are striving to make a difference in this world. Our goal is to provide consumers with innovative and necessary products in order to help them regain control over their lives. We want to make sure that you and all the people around you are safe, especially now when we are living in #thenewnormal.

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