The NIMTech Surface Sanitation Spray provides antiseptic cleansing by destroying  bacteria and germs. Spray dispensers allow for an easy application of the sanitizer and can be used conveniently at work, home, school, gyms, or anywhere else where sanitation is required. By ensuring proactive protection our spray is needed now more than ever before  

For maximum protection, we recommend following the CDC prevention guidelines, applying NIMTech Surface Disinfectant to surfaces and objects to properly sanitize areas around you. 


Surface Disinfectant Spray



    NIMTech consists of a close knit team of recently graduated professionals who are striving to make a difference in this world. Our goal is to provide consumers with innovative and necessary products in order to help them regain control over their lives. We want to make sure that you and all the people around you are safe, especially now when we are living in #thenewnormal.

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